Gentlestudent focuses on meaningful and profound learning and does so in constant dialogue with the students and the initiatives in the city itself. With Gentlestudent Arteveldehogeschool provides an online platform where the neighborhood and students find each other. On this platform residents and organizations from the neighborhood can post very concrete ideas and needs.

Arteveldehogeschool encourages its students in the first instance with confidence in their vigor to act professionally, to think critically and to become the person in the world they can and want to be.

This platform offers (Gentle) students via beacons (small smart devices that send out a signal to smartphones) that are available in Ghent, learning opportunities that make a positive and social contribution to the quality of the neighborhood. For the (Gentle) students this platform is an opportunity to make their social engagement visible. They can find ideas and needs and then offer themselves to realize a creative solution or action. They also receive a badge for their realized learning opportunity.


Gerard Pruim