The University of Padua, with more than 60,000 students and almost 800 years of history behind it, has decided to turn the spotlight on to all the learning opportunities, which make the university a place for all-round growth. The objects chosen to turn on this light are the Open Badges.

Language learning, teacher training, volunteer work: Open Badges testify to cross-cutting competencies.

Integration with ESSE3 – the University’s Student Information System – also enables the student administration office to recognise the credits automatically, where applicable, and thus save on bureaucratic procedures for the students and the operators.

In September 2018, the University of Padua started issuing Open Badges to its graduates for the first ten courses in Science and Technology; other ten courses in Psychology and Economics will follow in the next weeks.

In particular way the University of Padua has also promoted the Teaching4Learning@Unipd project to certify the competencies developed by the teachers who take part in the training course for didactic innovation.


Chiara Carlino