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Sponsors & Exhibit


Maximise your presence by sponsoring ePIC 2023, a unique opportunity to present your services and solutions to a large audience of key decision-makers from education, human resources development, employment, public authorities and industry.

ePIC 2023 offers a wide range of actions to support the conference (see below).

Conference supportContributionQtyLogo on WebsiteWelcome talkOther information
Host Keynote speaker2 000 €1x10 minutes introductionHosting a keynote contributes to the expenses (travel, etc.) of a keynote speaker
Exhibition pack1 900 €5xExhibition pack includes 2 conferences passes, tabl and 2 chairs, electricity plug, Wifi, Space for kakemono or pop-up stand, logo on notebook
Video recording1 500 €1x
Host Social Dinner1 500 €1xWelcome talk, Banner
Host Cocktail Dec. 6800 €1xWelcome talk, Banner
Host Cocktail Dec. 8500 €1xWelcome talk, Banner
Lanyard (+badges)800 €1x
Bag + large logo600 €1x
Kakemono / banner on site500 €10x
Notebook + large logo400 €1x
Logo on bag300 €x
Logo on notebook200 €x

Head office & Office

Association Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance – 3, Esplanade Stéphane Hessel – 14 000 Caen (France)

N° SIRET : 839 826 773 00021