I wish to recognize Andrew as a visionary person who is using Dance Practices to change the lives of many people.
Andrew visits and works at the major opera houses throughout the world to teach ballet dancers who are approaching the end of their career at around 40 years of age how to help less able people.

Through teaching these highly skilled dancers his Switch2Move program, they can learn how to hold workshops after the end of their career, specifically for people with disabilities and people with Parkinson, Dementia or social disabilities can enjoy regular movement lessons which are specialized to address their needs.

Major research is being held by universities in Holland and Russia to follow what happens to people with physical afflictions when they are led into dance movement using this unique program..
The results are stunning. Not only do those afflicted improve, but their disease has been shown to arrest and even to reverse.

The ex ballet dancers duly find a new and very meaningful reason to continue to dance in a new and humbling way.

This work is now being recognized by the EU as something which should be implemented in healthcare and in education.


Liz king