I am very happy to recognise ArtsEkta as a vibrant contributor towards developing intercultural relationships at the heart of the community in Northern Ireland.

ArtsEkta was founded in 2006, the brainchild of Indian-native Nisha Tandon, on the principles of inclusivity, creativity and openness in all aspects of society – Ekta means ‘uniting’ in the Indian language.

This multi-award winning cultural organisation continues to bring together the communities of Belfast and beyond.

Their current strategy, underpinned by four core work areas:

Events:  transforming people and places through shared creative experiences that celebrate our cultural diversity.

Outreach: creating access to arts and culture for everyone and developed exceptional models of best practice in intercultural engagement.

Development: supporting the professional development of artists from local and minority ethnic communities to strengthen intercultural arts practice.

Sustainability: ensuring sustainability to deliver a high quality programme and enable ongoing growth and development.



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