Almost 100 years old! The Women’s Engineering Society is a charity and a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development.

Working in partnership, we support and inspire women to achieve as engineers, scientists and as leaders; we encourage the education of engineering; and we support companies with gender diversity and inclusion. Our Vision Our vision is a nation in which women are as likely as men to choose to study […]

Synergie: a job agency supporting active policies

Synergie Italia as a job agency is constantly active as recognisant agent, working to understand people’s competencies and to support them in identifying their possible career paths. Synergie works with local institutions to promote and enforce active policies for the workforce. To further highlight learners’ competencies concerning self reflection towards […]

Expert on the curriculum

John Dunne, teacher and educator in the wider sense in the Irish capital of Dublin, has, through commendable private enterprise over the course of many years, amassed a body of information on the curriculum of Irish educational institutions since the 1920s that lacks comparison. Both due to the loss of […]

Helmut Schuller, humble, courageous and brillant priest, one time leader of Caritas in Austria, fighter for justice and a thorn in the side of the establishment.

I recognise, even 20 years on, the powerful and unforgetable  contribution that Helmut Schuller made towards what can only be described humanizing the church in Austria. His work crossed the borders of “believers” or non “believers”, his recognition of the right thing to do was always seen to be uppermost […]