The University of Milano-Bicocca, a mid-size state University, a multi-disciplinary institute, training and educating professionals in a range of fields, in recent years is building a revolution: it has launched a series of initiatives to transform itself from a place of knowing into a place of “know-how”, a series of activities addressed to students which round off the primary teaching offer.

Bicocca has decided to highlight the value of such experiences to a third party, to a potential employer, using Open Badge through Bestr to certify the skills acquired: not only those provided by formal curriculum exams but also those not covered during the curriculum yet useful to get into the labor market, essentially through two main projects: iBicocca and Bbetween

Besides, starting from July 2017, the University of Milan-Bicocca issues Open Badges to its graduates, for all study courses and experiences abroad: the groundbreaking initiative opportunity of its kind in the world (find out more by reading this article).


Chiara Carlino