Dr. Orna Mager is the director of the Multi-disciplinary center in the city of Modiin, Israel (MDCM). The MDCM is a center for Adult Education and Lifelong learning, operated by the Municipality of Modi’in, and leading the Learning Cities Network in Israel. The center provides advanced educational services and sets a strong infrastructure for citizens to prepare for future challenges according to the principles of “The Learning City” model. The MDCM operates a municipal center for parents, family and community and offers comprehensive learning services for Career Development, Women Empowerment, promoting mental health and employability for 50+ and recreational enrichment studies.
The center promotes active citizenship, by allowing residents to be active partners in building and enriching the quality of life in the community and the city, mobilizing partners in shaping the life of the residents of the city. Social improvement teams, consisting of citizens, help promote community and family values through cultural events and recreation, local heritage events and cultural diversity.


Dr. Orna Mager