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Dr. Denise Stanley is the founder/director of the CLOCK Programme. CLOCK began in 2016 as an international skills recognition and EU mobility programme, tested by employers and contractors across 15 countries and has now developed a series of products applying the Professional Practice Framework to further Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and provide access to Lifelong Learning opportunities in community, workforce and enterprise contexts.  
CLOCK provides access to vocational qualifications at EQF Level 4,5 and 7 outside of formal education to individuals who are highly experienced but unqualified or underqualified. This builds bridges from community, leisure, personal responsibilities and work to higher education and gives a transparent framework for progression in organisations and industry that places candidates from diverse backgrounds on an equal footing.
CLOCK provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate and map what they can do to a set of industry benchmarks in a rigorous peer review process and to formalise their higher education level with formal education certification. . 
The CLOCK team has forged a relationship with Higher Education providers which has enabled us to create a pathway of CLOCK for students within Higher Education. The ‘formal learner’ can build a successful career and gain a degree despite the interruption of continuing their professional development through work. With the CLOCK programme they no longer have to choose between continuing their studies or taking up career opportunities. 
The partnership between CLOCK and a specialist UK creative Higher Education provider, ACM has generated world leading solutions including a retake programme that more effectively manages the student transition between school and university and 30-credit Microcredentials with CLOCK-style generic learning outcomes that can be contextualised to any professional creative setting. CLOCK enables professionals and students alike to achieve formal credits through self-directed learning, delivering commercial contract obligations,  creating a commissioned catalogue of work, or engaging in a relevant employment opportunity.
CLOCK’s Sector Expert mentors, all currently leading in their field, are mentoring students on the new ACM Masters programme which puts Continuing Professional Development and Reflective Practice at the core.  
In Denise’s international work and her 40 years in designing and delivering formal and nonformal education programmes, she has developed a deep understanding and commitment to prepare professionals and aspiring professionals to positively influence the creative industries and to acknowledge the contribution of creative competences to innovating other industries such as health, education, tourism, community development etc i
 The CLOCK programme upholds the value and embodies the responsibility to include, recognise and validate  ‘whole person’ learning in any context as a means of furthering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and preparing people for life and creative work.
Denise began her musical career as a busker and journeywoman from local to international environments,  as a folk musician, working her way around Europe and North Africa. When in London, she also engaged in amateur choirs such as the Royal Choral Society and the St Barts Hospital choir. After graduating, with a 1st class honours Bachelor of Science in Music, studying music and the brain, acoustics and non-literate music at the City University, London, she continued her studies completing a PHD in Ethnomusicology about the social performance contexts of Romany and Scottish Traveller communities. She sponsored herself through an executive MBA programme in the early 1990s, based in the City of London, which enabled her to go on to work as a consultant for the corporate sector, the public sector including the Royal National Theatre, EMI, Barclays Media and British Telecom designing and delivering their workforce development and learning programmes. She ran a portfolio of professional and academic courses for the cultural and creative industries in partnership with industry and higher education and advised public authorities and skills sector councils in the UK. 
She has worked in a range of creative industries workforce development and consultancy contexts, designed innovative programmes in community and educational contexts in the UK, across Europe and presented in global conferences from Beijing and Chengdu, from Finland to Milan and Melbourne to Washington. 
Denise is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and takes personal responsibility to drive the European 2012 directive across the world: ‘That every citizen has the right to have their learning recognised and validated, irrespective of the context in which the learning occurred’.
That is the driving force behind the CLOCK Programme.

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Reconnaître – 3, Esplanade Stéphane Hessel – 14 000 Caen (France)

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