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The organisers of ePIC 2019 are inviting authors and practitioners to submit contributions to the 17th conference on  Recognition, Trust, Identity and their technologies—Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks and Blockchains.

Submissions can include research papers, case studies, work in progress, position papers, workshops, presentations and posters.

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Three years after publishing the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration (ePIC 2016), two years after exploring alternative credentials and alternative to credentials (ePIC 2017), ePIC 2019  deepens the reflection initiated during the 2018 edition : how opening recognition technologies and practices could lead to the emergence of Open Recognition Ecosystems.

We are looking for contributions exploring either one of the components of recognition ecosystems (e.g. an institution, a technology or a practice), the study of emerging or formalised recognition ecosystems (e.g. community of practice or a professional body) and the study of the principles and theory underpinning recognition, trust, identity and their ecosystems.


Presenters and authors are invited to submit a presentation in one or more of the following tracks:

  • Learning & Education Practices
    • Accreditation practices, alternative assessment practices, learning without grades, key competencies and 21st century skills, recognising Informal and experiential learning, peer and community learning and recognition…
  • Entrepreneurship & Employment
    • Enabling entrepreneurship and self-employment, job and talent hunting, work-based learning and credentials, endorsement and social reputation, credentials and mobility, learning organisations…
  • Citizenship
    • Recognising humanitarian and civic engagement, recognising the talents of refugees and migrants…
  • Policies
    • Accreditation of prior learning, credit transfer, qualification frameworks, national and local curricula, quality control…
  • Social Inclusion
    • Building learning regions and cities, school drop outs, youth at risk, unemployment, people with disabilities…
  • Technologies
    • Open Badges, Open Endorsement, ePortfolios, assessment tools, social platforms, verifiable claims, blockchains…

To be selected, presenters need to submit an abstract for either a research paper (short or long), a workshop, a case study, a work in progress, a position paper or a poster.

Submissions must be related to Recognition*, Trust, Identity and their technologies—Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks and Blockchains. Submissions that do not satisfy this criterion will not be considered for review.


The submission and review process is organised in two steps:

  • Conference presentations: the selection of the presentations is based on the review of the submission of a structured long abstract (between 500 to 700 words). All abstracts are reviewed to assess the quality and interest of a presentation. When accepted, authors are invited to submit a short/long paper and register as presenter / co-presenter.​
    Conference proceedings: the selection of the contributions for the proceedings is based on the outcome of an open collaboration and review process. The process starts before the conference and finishes approximatively 4 months after the end of the conference.

* Recognition includes all forms  and modalities of recognition, unconditional and conditional e.g. assessment, certification, accreditation, etc.

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