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Proceedings of the 2023 conference

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December - 6

Driving questions about Open Badges 3.0 and the new landscape of recognition

Presented by Kerri Lemoie (MIT, Digital Credentials Consortium, USA)

Comparative analysis of European Learner Model v3 and Open Badges v3

Presented by Frans Ward and Ronald Ham (SURF - NLD)

Putting badges into action with Open Badge Passport

Presented by Eric Rousselle (Open Badge Factory - FIN)

Conference welcome: Open Recognition progress and next steps

Presented by Serge Ravet (Reconnaître - FRA) and Don Presant (Learning Agents - CAN)

Scaling Open Badges for credentialing and social development across borders

Presented by Stella Porto (IDB- USA), Elias Ruez (Common Sense - AUT) and Dominic Orr (GIZ - GER)

Moderator: Don Presant (Learning Agents - CAN)

Open Recognition Toolkit (ORT)

Presented by Doug Belshaw (We Are Open Co-op - GBR)

Fumbling toward an ecosystem

Presented by Don Presant (Learning Agents - CAN)

Keynote: How “Show and Tell” unlocks recognition – from my learning journey

Presented by Julie Reddy (University of Johannesburg - ZAF)

Say what?! Micro-credentials can lead to academic credit?

Presented by Susan Forseille (Thompson Rivers University, CAN)

Keynote and Panel: The Digital Divide
(00:00) Building an Online Community to Close the Digital Divide

Keynote: Krystal Rawls (California State University of Dominguez Hills, USA)
Interviewer: Julie Keane (Participate, USA)

(13:40) STARs Aligning: Open Recognition Pathways and the Evolution of Learning, Identity, and Career Progression

Doug Belshaw and Anne Hilliger (We Are Open Co-op, UK/GER)
Noah Geisel (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
Kelly Page (LWYL Studio, USA)
Krystal Rawls (California State University of Dominguez Hills, USA)
Julie Keane (Participate, USA)

December - 7

A deep dive into the implementation and impact of the IDB Digital Credential Framework

Presented by Stella Porto (IDB, USA) and Don Presant (Learning Agents, CAN)

Are professional societies the new frontier for the open recognition ecosystem?

Presented by Lenora Knapp ( Knapp & Associates International, USA)

Questioning implicit assumptions for better human-centered design

Presented by Noah Geisel (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Building a quality workforce system

Presented by Jason Tyszko (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, USA)

Open Badges and skills recognition in Reunion Island

Presented by Samuel Ablancourt (Association AFECT, La Réunion - FRA)

Open Badges in a university context to promote professional integration

Presented by Carla Delépée and Florence Toutain (University of Caen, FRA)

The reception of digital badges by employment policy actors

Presented by Kévin Moisan (Combo77, FRA)

Experience You - AI supporting open recognition

Panel: Jason Tyszko and Phillip Long (US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, USA), Julie Keane (, USA)

Chair: Simone Ravaioli (Parchment, USA)

Growing learning communities through open recognition

Presented by Richard West (Brigham Young University, USA)

Keynote - Benevolence to empowerment: Who are credentials really for?

Presented by Meena Naik (JFFLabs, USA)

Design principles for Learning and Employment Records: Co-designing for equity

Kelly Page (LWYL Studio, USA)

Imagine: Indigenous recognition

Epistemology and EDI in Prior Learning Assessment, Decolonizing Prior Learning Assessment

Presented by Susan Forseille (Thompson Rivers University, CAN), Justin Young (International Institute for Child Rights and Development - IICRD, CAN) and Sisina Young (CAN)

How Micro Credentials can "do better?"

Presented by Ashleigh Presenger (Sioux Lookout First Nation Health Authority, CAN)

December - 8

Keynote: The Great Recognition: Leveraging Life and Learning Experiences to Advance the SDGs

Presented by Candy Ho (University of the Fraser Valley, CAN)

Open recognition and badges as a catalyst for progression on the SDGs

Laura Hilliger (We Are Open Co-op, GER)

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December - 6
December - 7
December - 8