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myDID - Gold Partner of ePIC 2022

MyDid is a young Franco-Swiss company that provides innovative, open and “consumer” solutions around decentralised identity.

Our first mobile application, myDid, available on the Apple and Android stores, is a wallet that supports different technologies and standards:

  • Open Badges (1EdTech/IMS)
  • Decentralised IDentifiers and Verifiable Credentials (W3C), which also form the technical basis of version 3 of Open Badges
  • NFT-based solutions such as SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens) or POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol).

Our ambition is to create various easy-to-use tools and to facilitate interactions between the donors and recipients of credentials, whatever their form. We also provide solutions to develop peer-to-peer badges (between learners for example). Our wallet can also be used to link with the social networks of Open Badge issuers, to animate their community and even to link with centralised platforms if necessary.

We allow badge issuers to create a customisable “universe” within our wallet (graphic charter, latest information, highlighting of community badge models, etc.) and even to develop a new dedicated application when necessary.

MyDid favours the use of various public blockchains but also works to support certain licensed projects such as EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure), placing great importance on respecting the privacy of users and controlling their data, in accordance with the main principles of Self-Sovereign Identity. As a reminder, our solutions do not store any personal data on any blockchain.

Our web 3.0 control panel allows issuers to directly create their own badge templates, their universe and their community (links, content, services, etc.).
Take advantage of our open source libraries to facilitate dematerialised uses related to identities and certificates: KYC services, authentication portal, electronic signature, data encryption, etc.

We are looking for partners, integrators, developers… do not hesitate to contact us!

Siège social & Bureau

Reconnaître – 3, Esplanade Stéphane Hessel – 14 000 Caen (France)

N° SIRET : 839 826 773 00021


Reconnaître – 3, Esplanade Stéphane Hessel – 14 000 Caen (France)

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