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Conference Programme 2021 (Work in progress!)

ePIC 2021 will span over 72 hours thanks to the involvement of participants across all continents looking forward to exploring all the dimensions of an emerging culture of recognition which has given rise to Open Badges. While learning and employment were the main the focus of previous ePIC conferences, our goal this year is to expand our understanding of recognition as a culture which includes music, poetry, dance, painting and other forms or artistic expression as expressions of recognition.

While 100% online with simultaneous translation provided in French/English/Spanish, participants are encouraged to organise local events, physical and online that will be included in the main timeline through interviews, video capture, etc.

The conference is organised along 3 timezones: Europe/Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. Over the next weeks the programme will be completed with workshops, keynotes, round tables, presentations and performances.

Direct link to the programme: Coming soon!

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