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Early Bird Registration until September 1st !

You can attend ePIC as delegate or presenter. Presenters have to submit a presentation that is accepted in order to benefit from the presenter rate.

The registration fee includes coffee breaks and lunches


ePIC 2018 Registration (Prices in €)
Days Delegate Presenter Student
Conference 3 days 24-25-26 450 350 150
Conference 2 days 24-25 or 25-26 325 200 100
Conference 1 day 24 / 25 / 26 175 125 75
Workshop 24 or 26 100 100 50
Social Dinner 25 55 55 55
Discount *
Conference 3 days Early Bird -50 -50 -25
ORA -50 -50 -25
Conference 2 days Early Bird -25
-25 -15
ORA -25
Conference 1 day Early Bird
ORA -15

* Early Bird and ORA membership discount are cumulative. Early bird rate until September 1st.
Presenters and co-presenters receive a registration code after the submitted abstract has been accepted. Registration must take place within 4 weeks after acceptation.
Full time students need to provide evidence of their student status.

Registration Procedure

  1. create a user account on the conference registration management system
  2. once your user account has been created, you can submit a contribution and/or register for the conference (presenters have to wait for the registration code provided once the abstract has been accepted).

Cancelations made until one month before the event will be subject to a 50% cancelation fee. Cancelations made after, as well as ‘no shows’, are liable for the full registration fee. Cancelations must be made in writing and are only valid when you receive a cancelation number. Substitutions may be made at any time with written authorisation.

Customer service

For more information contact Esther Linley tel +33 7 81 71 74 54

Address: Reconnaître 2 rue Couturat F-89300 Joigny France

Privacy statement

All the information collected for the conference like personal data, credit card or bank details are only used for the purpose of the conference and not shared with third parties unless required by the provision of service (e.g. give transfer your credit card details to our payment system). Credit card and bank details are erased from our systems once the transaction is completed successfully.

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