Reconnaître - Conférence ePIC

Simone Ravaioli - BIO

Creative EdTech leader with a portfolio of diverse experiences advancing the global credentialing ecosystem. 

Day job is to turn credentials into opportunities as the Director of Global Ecosystem and Innovation at Parchment, the leading credentialing platform in Higher Education globally.

Night hustle is to build out the global credentialing ecosystem across education and work by contributing and leading work on technical open standards in support of technical (and human) interoperability

Currently serves in the Advisory Board of the Learning Economy Foundation, Groningen Declaration Network, Open Recognition Alliance, Erasmus Without Paper and Credential Engine.

Simone is a Kernel Fellow (KB7) and a self-proclaimed Serendipity Engineer and Credentialing Mentalist.

Head office & Office

Association Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance – 3, Esplanade Stéphane Hessel – 14 000 Caen (France)

N° SIRET : 839 826 773 00021