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The Organising Committee

Dedicated to make ePIC a great event since 2003!
Serge Ravet

Serge Ravet

Open Recognition Alliance

Co-author of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, founding partner of the Open Recognition Alliance

Chiara Carlino

Chiara Carlino


Project Manager at CINECA, a non profit Consortium, made up of 70 Italian universities*, 8 Italian Research Institutions and the Italian Ministry of Education.

Nate Otto

Nate Otto

Open Badge Director, Concentric SKy

Co-author of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, Nate is passionate about how Internet technology opens up democratic participation in culture, business, and politics and think that we have hardly begun to explore what is possible through our connections with community. I intend to apply my knowledge to projects that aim to revolutionize commerce, politics, and education.

Philippe Petitqueux

Philippe Petitqueux


After 10 years as a teacher / trainer in the field of ICT, Philippe has since 2010, the position of regional delegate for digital and educational innovation for agricultural education institutions in Normandy. He leads a Norman project around recognition and valorization of skills and people (https://badgeonslanormandie.fr) and co-animates a national support system for digital uses - http://acoustice.educagri.fr
He is secretary general of the association Recognize and contributes to a European project ERASMUS + MIRVA https://mirva.openrecognition.org

Esther Linley

Esther Linley


Esther has been contributing to the organisation of ePIC since 2010.

Bert Jehoul

Bert Jehoul

Open Konwledge Belgium

Bert is working as Freelance on Open projects. He is part of open communities trying to build a better society.

Patrice Petitqueux

Patrice Petitqueux


Patrice is working as an administrative support and is contributing to the organisation of ePIC since 2017.

Fabien Paquereau

Fabien Paquereau

DRAAF Pays de la Loire

Fabien is working for the agricultural teaching of the Pays de la Loire and as a
regional delegate to digital. He is national facilitator of the dispostif
acoustice. Engaged as animator of the collective "Badgeons Pays de the Loire "launched on April 30, 2019.

Perrine De Coëtlogon

Perrine De Coëtlogon

University of Lille

Perrine is a Blockchain and Education Project Manager at the University of Lille and a Digital Expert for Higher Education in Europe and internationally.


What's happening during the #OpenRecognition Week

e-NABLE / Enabling the Future

In 2011 when Ivan Owen received support from an on line community to collaborate with people who needed prosthetics, shared his designs using open source licences, and Applied the feedback to 8nnovate and gift a better design for the need knower to test. The community suggested redesign using 3 d […]

Helping university students developing employability skills

Edulai is a  intelligent software integrated into the learning management system ( LMS ) that easily assess how online students develop employability skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, team working, communication, leadership and interculturalism. Edulai suggests students high quality targeted content according if the skills developed are at a […]

Un ieu pivot pour construire une société de la reconnaissance

Parce qu’il est à l’interface entre la recherche, l’éducation formelle et informelle, et la demande sociale en matière d’information et de débat sur les enjeux de société, de sciences et de technique sans oublier les cultures numériques et les pratiques artistiques, l’Espace Mendès France s’intéresse depuis longtemps avec le concours […]

Sol’ya. Les trésors du Mexique

Leurs projets s’articulent principalement autour de la production de la vanille du Mexique. Afin de préserver et valoriser le savoir-faire ancestral et artisanal de cette agriculture, SOLYA travaille en étroite collaboration avec une équipe de partenaires directement sur place. Leur équipe sur place travaille directement avec les producteurs (pour la plupart des communautés indigènes) afin […]

Associations intermédiaires

Les associations intermédiaires – par exemple, Contact Service à Evreux – visent à favoriser l’accès à l’emploi à travers l’accompagnement des personnes et le développement d’activités économiques et de services aux ...


Je souhaite contribuer à faire reconnaître le travail du collapsologue Pablo SERVIGNE qui accompagne la prise de conscience par chaque citoyen de la nécessité de se préparer collectivement à la fin du modèle de société post-industriel. AuthorDELAMARE C...

Lauren Hunter: Leader who recognizes potential in others

I would like to recognize Lauren Hunter as a leader who not only recognizes the potential in people but helps to grow and nurture that potential. The Government of Canada needs more leaders like Lauren to see what people are capable of and to provide the support for them to […]

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