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ePIC 2024

Paris November 6-8

Opening and scaling up digital credential initiatives

Beyond the finish line: ePIC 2024 races towards open recognition!


Join the 22nd International Conference on Open Learning and Recognition Practices, Technologies and Policies

Join us in Paris at EPIC 2024, the 22nd international conference on Open learning and recognition practices, technologies and policies. ePIC 2024 welcomes participants and speakers from all continents and backgrounds to explore all dimensions of the emerging recognition culture that emerged, thanks to the invention of Open Badges.

Marking a significant step forward, ePIC 2024 for the first time brings together key stakeholders from civil society and territories, enterprises, and public authorities. This milestone reflects the maturity of discussions around recognition practices, technologies, and policies, which have been ongoing since 2003. (more details here)

Building upon the legacy of ePIC 2016 in Bologna, where the concept of Open Recognition was first articulated in the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, ePIC 2024 will be dedicated to the Paris Declaration, a declaration which advocates for recognising the equal value of all forms of recognition, whether informal, non-formal, or formal.

Furthermore, ePIC 2024 aims at establishing an international committee mirroring the structure of the French Committee, with dedicated representation from:

  • Civil society and territories
  • Enterprises and the world of work
  • Public services and authorities


Digital Credentials


Who were the Keynotes and Guest Speakers at the previous edition?

Keynote Speakers

Designer and Director
Workforce Integration Network
California State University - Dominguez Hills

Meena Naik

Skills First Design

Professor of Practice in Education, University of Johannesburg SA

UNESCO/UIL Juror, Lifelong Learning Cities Award
Board Director, Groningen Declaration Network
Former CEO, South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Chair, CERIC Integrative Career & Capstone Learning, UFV Sustainable Development Goals, KPU

Guest Speakers

Creative EdTech leader with a portfolio of diverse experiences advancing the global credentialing ecosystem

Noah Geisel

Conference Organizer
The Badge Summit
Micro-Credentials Program Manager
University of Colorado Boulder

Organising Committee

In progress

Serge Ravet

Reconnaître - ORA

Don Presant

Learning Agents

Julie Keane


Esther Linley

Reconnaître - ORA

Philippe Petitqueux

General Secretary
Reconnaître - ORA

Justin Mason

Clarkson University

Sylvie Teynier


Nate Otto

Product developer

Organising Committee

In Progress

Serge Ravet

President of Reconnaître - ORA

Don Presant

Learning Agents, Canada

Justin Mason

Clarkson University, USA

Esther Linley

Member of ORA

Julie Keane

Participate (USA)

Nate Otto

Product & web standards developer (USA)

Gerard Pruim

Gear-up (Netherlands)

Philippe Petitqueux

SG of Reconnaître - ORA

Member at Reconnaître - ORA

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