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This post is also available in: English (Anglais)

Ils ont déjà dit oui !

François Taddei, CRI, France

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)François Taddei est cofondateur (2005) et directeur du CRI (Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires) depuis 2006. Il est directeur de recherche à l’Inserm depuis 1999 au sein de l’équipe Read more…

Michel Diaz

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Michel Diaz est cofondateur et directeur associé de Féfaur, une firme de recherche et de conseil de premier plan axée sur le talent corporate et l’apprentissage. Chef de Read more…

Claire Héber Suffrin

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Claire Héber-Suffrin est cofondatrice, avec son mari Marc, des Réseaux d’échanges réciproques de savoirs® dont elle contribue à animer le développement depuis plus de quarante ans. Elle a Read more…

Jean-Roch Houllier, THALES Learning Hub

This post is also available in: English (Anglais) Jean-Roch Houllier est Directeur Pédagogique International du Digital THALES Learning Hub, l’université du Groupe THALES. Il est enseignant vacataire et directeur de thèse professionnelle pour HEC-Paris, BURGUNDY, Read more…

Nate Otto, Concentric Sky, USA

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Je suis passionné par la façon dont la technologie Internet ouvre la voie à la participation démocratique dans la culture, les affaires et la politique et je pense Read more…

Bernard Bull, Concordia University Wisconsin, USA

This post is also available in: English (Anglais) Bernard Bull est vice-président du programme et de l’innovation académique, directeur de l’innovation et professeur associé en éducation à l’Université Concordia du Wisconsin. Il est diplômé en Read more…

Ruben Verborgh, Ghent University, Belgique

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Je crois en un Web sur lequel les clients possèdent plus d’intelligence que les serveurs qu’ils utilisent. Je suis un professeur de technologie du Web sémantique à IDLab, Read more…

Edgar Morin

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Edgar Morin est un philosophe et sociologue français reconnu internationalement pour ses travaux sur la complexité et la «pensée complexe» et pour ses contributions à des domaines aussi Read more…

Victoria Fontan, France

This post is also available in: English (Anglais)Je suis responsable du Centre d’Evaluation et d’Apprentissage de la Qualité, hébergé par l’institut Bioforce à Lyon, en France. Je suis également professeur invité à l’Institut Occidental de Read more…

Le Comité Organisateur

Dedicated to make ePIC a great event since 2003!
Serge Ravet

Serge Ravet

Open Recognition Alliance

Co-author of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, founding partner of the Open Recognition Alliance

Chiara Carlino

Chiara Carlino


Project Manager at CINECA, a non profit Consortium, made up of 70 Italian universities*, 8 Italian Research Institutions and the Italian Ministry of Education.

Tania Martinelli

Tania Martinelli

Freelance Project Manager and Business Developer

Tania Martinelli supports private companies and public Institutions in the development of their own Digital Badges Ecosystems.

Nate Otto

Nate Otto

Open Badge Director, Concentric SKy

Co-author of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, Nate is passionate about how Internet technology opens up democratic participation in culture, business, and politics and think that we have hardly begun to explore what is possible through our connections with community. I intend to apply my knowledge to projects that aim to revolutionize commerce, politics, and education.

Caroline Belan Menagier

Caroline Belan Menagier

Head of international relations and lifelong learning strategies

Caroline is Head of international relations and lifelong learning strategies" and change at Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci is an association of three public higher education institutions in the same area that have chosen to collaborate on specific strategic issues. Those institutions are the universities of Poitiers and Limoges and ISAE-ENSMA engineering school based in Poitiers

Philippe Petitqueux

Philippe Petitqueux


Philippe is leading "Badgeons la Normandie" initiative

Esther Linley

Esther Linley


Esther has been contributing to the organisation of ePIC since 2010.


What's happening during the #OpenRecognition Week

Supporting first generation students through a network of peers

Arbeiterkind.de supports first generation students through a network of volunteers. This year they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Their goal is to encourage students from families without university experience to be the first to study in their families. Throughout Germany, 6,000 volunteers are involved in 75 local ArbeiterKind.de groups to […]


Simon Mayer

Simon Mayer with his work such as Sons of Sissy turns dancers into musicians and visa versa Simon is performer, choreographer and musician. He was born in Austria in 1984 and studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School, at the Performing Arts and Research Studios in Brussels (P.A.R.T.S.) and […]


Making government work in the digital age

Code for NL is the Dutch network of open source developers and designers working on digital government. Their goal is the successful digital transformation of municipalities, other governments, and society as a whole. It places innovative fellows with technical skills at (semi) governments to work on concrete solutions to social problems. Code […]


Gentlestudent brings students and citizens closer together

Gentlestudent focuses on meaningful and profound learning and does so in constant dialogue with the students and the initiatives in the city itself. With Gentlestudent Arteveldehogeschool provides an online platform where the neighborhood and students find each other. On this platform residents and organizations from the neighborhood can post very […]


Tarek Chehidi for his work in solving the global education crisis

Dr. Tarek Chehidi works relentlessly in to create equal opportunities towards education and employment in Africa. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who looks for new innovative solutions and ideas that can have a positive impact in education. Dr Chehidi is a widely known and recognised leader in developing strategies for effective […]


Identity-Based Conflict and Cooperation

I would like to recognise Jay Rothman, Ph.D. who is a scholar and a practitioner of creative conflict engagement. Trained in international relations and group dynamics, his theoretical and applied work focuses on issues of intergroup identity-based conflict and cooperation and participatory evaluation. He is the President of the ARIA […]

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